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How does LEGO® Serious Play work?

How Does LEGO® Serious Play Work?


LEGO® Serious Play is all about bringing valuable subconscious thoughts to the surface. LEGO® is unlocking the knowledge from the people you feel are the most qualified to offer solutions; the employees themselves and not outside consultants. Once such an environment is created, the ability to gain more contributions from employees increase. LEGO® Serious Play is welcomed in organisations because of the 80-20 principle applied to conventional meetings: 20% percent of the group will talk 80% percent of the time, with the same people doing all the talking. Inevitably, one person will bring up an idea, another will concur with a slight modification, another is not listening as he is focused on what to say on his turn, and another participant will have just given up already and checked out. The LEGO® Serious Play methodology is designed to overcome this issue by ensuring 100% participation.