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When should an organisation use LEGO® Serious Play?

When should an organisation use LEGO® Serious Play?


The LEGO® Serious Play materials and methodology are effective when there is more than one possible right answer, and when the organisation wants to harness all available knowledge in the team in order, not only to find the best possible solution, but also to get the strongest possible commitment.

The LEGO® Serious Play materials and methodology are particularly effective when:

  • The subject is complex and multifaceted and there is a need to grasp the bigger picture, find connections and explore options and potential solutions
  • It is important to reach decisions which everyone commits to and honours after the meeting even though he or she does not agree 100%
  • Asking each team member or participant the same question results in substantially different answers
  • Everyone in the group has an interest or stake in what is on the agenda
  • It is important that everyone participates in the discussions and contributes with his or her knowledge and opinions
  • You want to increase team understanding and at the same time avoid frustration
  • You want to use the time efficiently
  • There are no obvious answers
  • You would like to gain new learning, insights and new ways of thinking
  • You want to deal with tough and complex issues in a constructive atmosphere
  • It is vital that participants speak their true feelings without intimidating anyone or being intimidated
  • You have a situation in which a few members tend to dominate the discussions and you want to break that routine without offending anyone
  • You have a group which feels meetings tend to be a waste of time
  • You want to create a level playing field for discussion
  • Your meetings or learning events tend to focus more on the messengers than on the messages
  • You want to avoid excuses or lack of initiative after the meeting
  • There’s a risk participants feel they were not heard or involved in the decision
  • You want to ensure that all participants share a common understanding and frame of reference